being home is the nicest thing. like, so nice. i love this house and i love my family and i love a stocked clean kitchen and free wine and surprising my mom and doing homework on my queen sized bed and all of the things in my room that i keep forgetting are mine because i’m only here three months out of the year. it kills me how comforted and happy i am here and it only makes me realize how much i hate my dorm at agnes. coming home hurts but it feels so good. i don’t know, i have weird emotions. it’s weird that i feel so overwhelmingly happy here now when i couldn’t spend more than an hour near my family three years ago without feeling suicidal. i guess everything has changed? and i’m out to them now, wow, that’d weird. that’s really weird. 

i don’t know i just feel 100% happy here right now. I don’t think i can live in atlanta this summer, especially if this is the last summer i’ll have as a psuedo-kid (oh wow that’s terrifying too). i miss home too much. 

ignoring a headache, just got back from a late night friend date with the cutest Sasha there ever was, gonna go home and surprise my mommy tomorrow. excited about all of it.

new band name: none direction

members must be college seniors with no job prospects. extra points if your mom has already turned your bedroom into a guest room (extra closet, craft room, knocked out the walls to make the living room bigger, etc.) 

apply: write your twitter name and how much your degree cost on a sheet of paper. throw it into the fire and let it burn like the rest of your hopes and dreams.



I’m so sad I’m spending my entire paycheck at the mechanic’s :(


if you don’t remember actively wishing for a t-mobile sidekick you aren’t old enough for friendship w/ me 

yo, if someone’s sitting in a dark classroom twenty minutes before class starts and you come in, turn the lights on, and start speaking loudly on the phone, you’re pretty much a dick. 

I do not like jalapeños.

i can’t do my homework because I don’t know how 

substituting peanut butter for ice cream because i’m broke af

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when i’m drunk i take my clothes off and it makes skinny friends very confused and i love it. it’s also a reminder for me that theres a part of them that isn’t good for me. waste less time on lesser people. 

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Model: Size 16, 18, 14Toronto ONNEW SPRING RELEASE OF THE “Pretty for a Big Girl?” line launches WED MARCH 19!Hope you all like it! Lets make statements! LOOKING TO PURCHASE?:

they go up to a 2x. how radical. 


Model: Size 16, 18, 14
Toronto ON

NEW SPRING RELEASE OF THE “Pretty for a Big Girl?” line launches WED MARCH 19!

Hope you all like it! Lets make statements! LOOKING TO PURCHASE?:

they go up to a 2x. how radical.